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FAIR K 2010 - exhibition hotel in dusseldorf
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fair K 2010

fair K 2010 at Düsseldorf from 27.10. - 03.11.2010

After three years the K is back

Your hotel choice for the fair

Our hotel is located near to the fairground and exibition center Düsseldorf, and 15 minutes from Düsseldorf City Center

to the fair ground it takes:

  • 5min by car
  • 7min with the tram
  • 20min walking distance

Make your reservation now:

Contact us to receive an unbeatable offer.

Hotel Medici «« fair K 2010 (State: Mon, 07 Dec 2009) »» Rooms

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Besuchen Sie uns auch in unserem Schwesterhotel dem AIRHOTEL WARTBURG zwischen Messegelände und Flughafen Düsseldorf